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Weighing Indicator For Platform Scale
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  • XK3190-T8


XK3190-T8 Platform scale indicator



XK3190-T8(g2) full stainless steel indicator is applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale and electronic ground scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1-4 load cell.



• Multifunctional LCD display

• Peak value hold function

• Animal weighing function

• External serial port printing function

• Unit switch function(kg/lb/t)

• Manual accumulation and automatic accumulation

• Preset tare function

• High-low limits alarm function, HIGH-OK-LOW status indication

• Four grades battery indication, low power alarm and auto power off function

• Auto-sleep and multiple energy-saving mode

• Multiple grades backlight brightness setting

• Precision auto zoom 10-magnification function

• High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000

• Able to put in 4 pieces of AA Alkaline dry battery or NIMH rechargeable battery

• Able to connect with A/C adapter approved of international certification

• Optional RS232 and RS485 communication interface, and baud rate is selectable

• Optional 20mA current loop interface for scoreboard connection


Technical parameter

1. Precision grade: 3 grades

2. Max division: 3000

3. Input-signal range: -19mV

4. Min input-voltage (ΔUmin) of each indexing: 1μV

5. Conversion rate:: ≤80 times/sec

6. Nonlinear: ≤0.0015%

7. Power supply: DC 5V

8. Load cell communication: able to connect 1~4 350Ω load cell

9. Division:1/2/5/10/20/50(selectable)

10. Data transportation port(optional):

      RS232 or RS485, 20mA current loop for scoreboard

11. Power: AC 100~240V;50~60Hz (AC adapter)
      DC 4~6 V(optional: rechargeable battery or 4pcs 3A dry batteries)

12. Operation temperature: -10℃~40℃

13. Storage/transportation temperature: -25℃~55℃

14. Scoreboard interface(optional)

      Signal output method: serial output, current loop signal

      Baud rate:600

      Distance of transportation: ≤200m

15. Serial communication interface:
      RS 232C & RS485
      Baud rate:600/1200/2400/4800/9600 optional
      Distance of transport:≤30m (RS232C), ≤1000m(RS485)


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