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KA Shape Strain Gauge

KA type High precison strain gauge for C3 load cell/weighing sensor/transducer
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  • KA serials

  • ANE

The BHF high precision strain gauge with epoxy phenolic as substrates material and as substrates material of coating as well, copper foil as sensitive grid and entire seal structure of compression process, which have possessing functions of temperature self-retrieve, creep self-retrieve, stable performance, high resistance to moisture and humidity. Suitable for the high precision weighing sensor of C3.

Gage name rule

Gauge shape

Model Grid size Gage size


BHF350-6KA Φ6 Φ7
BHF350-7KA Φ7 Φ8
BHF350-10KA Φ9.5 Φ10
BHF350-12KA Φ12 Φ12.8
BHF350-14KA Φ14.3 Φ15.2
BHF350-18KA Φ17.7 Φ19.3
BHF350-20KA Φ19.8 Φ21
BHF650-12KA Φ12.1 Φ12.9
BHF700-20KA Φ19.8 Φ21
BHF1000-13KA Φ13.3 Φ14.2


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